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Welcome to our new Website

Changing World is located in South Somerset, England
(on the girt dog of Langport, guardian and 13th sign, of the Glastonbury Zodiac).

Changing World Distribution Includes
  1. Distribution of music through a network of retail outlets in the UK, and several online stores. New customers are always welcome.
  2. Our own retail shop in Glastonbury High Street (Inside Gothic Image bookshop)
  3. We have stalls at several annual events including: Glastonbury ~ Avalon field, Big Chill, Womad, Glade, etc
  4. We have recently started focusing our attention on our record label, and are planning several releases for 2005/6
  5. Dolphin Discs currently represent the best option for Changing World music on-line, but more sites will appear soon.
  • We can supply a catalogue of our stock on request.
  • We have a catalogue of over 200 exclusive titles that we solely distribute.
  • We can distribute and retail new music across our network
    (Please send Promos to us for consideration).
  • We are also interested in Demos for our record label.
  • New customers with retail outlets or online stores are welcome.

For all enquiries please contact:

Our mission statement:

Changing World is committed to expanding and enlightening the consciousness of human beings through the distribution of harmonic music and tribal rhythms (to wake us up from the long sleep); - Understanding that, as Guardians of our Blue Green Planet we are ALL part of the END result - that is - a complete healing of ALL; so collectively we can evolve into a rainbow planet, and thus join our Universal brothers and sisters in a Rainbow Galaxy based on Peace, Love, Trust, Harmony, Truth and Unity consciousness - (as signified by the "Law Of One" and the sacred symbol of the Unicorn).

Our mission is centered around the distribution, creation, performance and broadcasting of music and the understanding that harmonic music has the power to uplift consciousness and thus increase the building of our DNA structure, and by implication the general upliftment of the global mind - Enable Peace to flow on Earth.

~ David & Susan ~